Women Architects Festival

Women Architects Festival 2022

a 2-day virtual conference for Women in Architecture & design

"This Event Nurtured My Soul"

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And it’s time for us to come together to celebrate all the incredible women in our industry.

Women Architects Festival is more than a virtual conference - it’s a celebration for women in architecture.

We want to celebrate your successes and learn from our shared stories.


We focus on topics that are requested directly by the community from career development, motherhood, business growth, to working on construction sites and so much more.


Hear from incredible women who’ve been paving the way. See what's possible in architecture and beyond!

take action from TACTICAL workshops

Walk away with actionable strategies that help you grow and sustain your career in architecture.


Make real connections with real people like yourself who’re committed to being here supporting you.

"I really felt the validation and support throughout the presentations."

I've looked up to a lot of the speakers for several years and to hear their stories and share their vulnerabilities made me feel closer connected to them. We are more alike than we realize, and that helps to know we can share our struggles and support each other through them rather than go at it alone.

Emily Burton

meet the speakers

Christine Williamson, Assoc. AIA

Founder of Building Science Fight Club, M.Arch


How Competence Leads to Confidence

Gloria Kloter, , AIA, NCARB, CODIA

Founder & CEO of Glow Architects


How to GLOW: Finding Balance Between Architecture and Motherhood

Briana Fountain, WELL AP, Fitwel

Architectural Designer at CROFT & Associates & Wellness Blogger of The Blooming Babe


Your Goals Guaranteed: From Inception to Completion

Mia Scharphie

Career Coach & Founder of Build Yourself


How to Get Promoted to the Next Title

René Graham

Founder of Renzoe Box, Co-founder of LaurelHouse Studio & Co-Founder of BCS Modern


Entrepreneurship: Stop Struggling, Get Paid $$

Rosalind Tsang, AIA, LEED AP (BD+C)

NYC Studio Director at BDP & Co-Chair for AIA NY WIA


The Power of Mentorship in Every Stage of Your Career

Evelyn Lee, FAIA

Founder of Practice of Architecture


Exploring Alternative Careers Beyond Architecture

Joann Lui, AIA

Founder of Women Architects Collective


Building an Unforgettable Personal Brand

Aya Shlachter

CEO of MGS Global Group


How to Level the Playing Field as a Woman in Architecture



Catherine Meng | Moderator

Architect of DLC Group & Podcast Host of Design Voice Podcast

Cherise Lakeside, FCSI, CDT

Senior Specification Writer at RDH Building Science & Podcast Host of Detailed

Feyi Quadri, Assoc AIA, NOMA

Designer at Gensler

Sana Tabassum

Founder of :scale & MArch Student at University of Greenwich

Abigail Marcelo

Founder, Principal at Casa Marcelo


Silvia Lee, AIA | Moderator

Architect & Community Manager of Monograph

Kathryn Hart

Project Manager of Ridgeline Glass, Podcast Host of Space to Build

Anne Fontaine, AIA

Senior Associate & Architect at SMMA

Moonie Choi

Associate Project Manager at Luxottica

fun things

Cristy Sabillón

Architectural Designer


architectural sketching with cristy

Stephanie Fernandez

Design Project Manager & Yoga Teacher


Yoga for a Balanced Mind and Body

Joann Lui, AIA

Founder of Women Architects Collective



Women Architects Festival Workshop collection

Actionable workshops, inspiring speakers, & meaningful community specially curated just for you!

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"It was exactly what I needed to reconnect to my why."

Women AF 2022 was a fantastic event which provided exciting & engaging speakers, a broad range of resources and actionable take aways to inspire & level up my design business. Being surrounded by smart, creative and empowered women was exactly what I needed to reconnect to my "why" for shrugging the status quo and following my purpose.

Jennifer Wright
Founder, Studio Rallymade

"This is the one event every woman in architecture should attend to!"

The Women Architects Festival 2022 was truly amazing. It was very well organized and coordinated, the speakers were inspiring, knowledgeable, and well prepared. The attendees were extremely engaged in each session and the entire community is super positive and supportive. This is the one event every woman in architecture should attend to!

Gloria Kloter
Founder, Glow Architects

"I left feeling empowered and validated."

I learned, laughed and cried. I left feeling empowered and validated. It was a very relaxing vibe and I loved the intimate feeling, yet all the speakers were top notch successful women who are making a name for themselves in the profession! 

Ashley Bell Davis
Founder, Davis Design & Consulting



Joann Lui, AIA

Founder of Women Architects Collective
Ex-Gensler | Monograph

I'm so excited to see you joining us at the Women Architects Festival!

It has been my mission to inspire women in architecture to take control of their careers.

While only 17% of registered architects are women, I believe that even with a small number, we’re stronger together.

When we come together as a community, we pave the way not only for us - but for the next generation of women architects to thrive in our industry.

No matter where you’re in your work journey, you’ll walk away from this event building meaningful connections and knowing what to do to grow your architecture career.

See you at the conference!

What people say about the Women Architects Collective

 "More than a FB group, it is a community. A space to feel heard and seen.

For me, it became a place to connect, exchange ideas, learn, and establish long-lasting friendships that guide me and support me through my career.

It opened opportunities I would've never dreamed of.

Who would've known scrolling could become life-changing?" 

Cristy Sabillón

Designer, Dillard-Jones Builders

 "Women Architects Collective has been a great resource to me. It often feels like so much of our profession has to be learned slowly over many years and without much of a roadmap.

But we can all greatly benefit from sharing our collective knowledge and resources and WAC is where that happens.

I love the support you feel from the group - filled with other people who've been there or are in a similar situation now." 

Silvia Lee, AIA

Architect & Community Manager, Monograph

"The guidance and a sense of community I get from the Women Architects Collective have been truly unique.

It’s a heartwarming group that provides so much support for professionals in different career stages.

Getting great advice and resources on everything from personal growth to professional development has helped me grow!

I am excited for this significant opportunity to learn from leaders in the field with diverse expertise and attend workshops to brainstorm ideas on striving for career growth." 

Jasmine Hwang


 "I found my tribe here, especially during early Covid where I needed a community.

The members here truly care about each other. We uplift each other, celebrate each other’s success and empathize with each others problems.

As a business owner, I met 3 consultants that I currently work with and found 2 new clients through referrals from other members.

Special thanks to Joann, the founder, for her overwhelming generosity, always willing to share her time and knowledge to improve the architecture profession in general, not only for women."

Aya Shlachter, Assoc., AIA

CEO, MGS Global Group & Founder, Architect My Life

Women Architects Festival WORKSHOP COLLECTION

Actionable workshops, inspiring speakers, & meaningful community specially curated just for you!

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While the programming will be geared towards women, we welcome everyone from all genders! You can also join us if you're in interior designer, engineering, or construction as all the topics here will be applicable towards the whole AEC industry.

The live event ended in May 2022. Getting the WomenAF Workshop Collection will get you instant access to all the sessions that were recorded, so you can watch it anytime on demand.

Yes! For firms who want to purchase group tickets for over 10 people, we offer a discount on  ticket price. Contact us at joann@joannlui.com for more information.

Thank you for your offer! If you want to pay it forward, we have an option for you to make a donation at checkout. Donations will be used as scholarships for students or other attendees who are in financial need to attend the next Women Architects Festival.

Since this is an online program and all sessions are available as recordings, refunds won’t be offered.

Speaker submission for WomenAF 2023 will be open next year. You can sign up for Joann's Newsletter to stay tuned for an announcement next year. Subscribe to newsletter here.

Feel free to contact us at joann@joannlui.com if you have any questions.

Women Architects Festival Replays

Get motivated, inspired and nurtured at "the one event that every women architects need to attend"

  • Instant access to all 14 workshops
  • Audio library for when you're on the go
  • Inspiring and actionable talks that actually help you grow
  • Fun activities to stretch & sketch
  • Celebration ceremony for women in architecture
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